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Diagnostic Engineering Consultants Limited (DECL), established in May 1991, is a leading Taiwanese geotechnical in-situ testing and monitoring company, specializing in geotechnical, structural, hydrological, groundwater, seismic monitoring and pile non-destructive testing used in projects such as dams, highway, tunnels, oil tank, bridge and deep excavation, etc.

With most of staff having over 10 to 30 years experience in this field, DECL has grown and is recognized as the most capable company in performing challenging projects in Taiwan. Besides the construction projects, DECL is also involved in research projects with research institutes, universities and related groups. Over the past years, DECL has developed long term relationship with some international institutes such as TNO (The Netherlands Applied Science Institute) and NGI (Norwegian Geotechnical Institute) to provide the technical service in Taiwan too.

The followings are parts of service DECL provides :

A. In-Situ Testing

Including site investigation, Cone Penetration test(CPT), Rock Hydraulic Fracture test, Borehole Camera test, Pumping test, Plate Loading test and Flat Dilatometer test (DMT), etc

B. Pile Loading Test

Static Load Test: Over a hundred piles are tested each year around the country and in the Southeast Asian Area.
Dynamic Load Test: Using a Pile Driving Analyzer and Wave equations to perform the test.
STANAMIC Load Test: A patent method from Canada to perform the long duration pseudo-static pile loading test.

C. Non-destructive Test

Pile Integrity Test: Using impact echo, ultrasonic cross hole logging and vibration methods to perform the test.
Structure: Ground Penetration Radar, Ultrasonic and Impact Echo technique are used to evaluate a structure.

D. Instrumentation

Instrumentation and automatic data logging equipment are used to monitor the pore pressure, rock stress, displacement, vibration, concrete strain and joint movement

E. Laboratory Test

Dynamic Triaxial Test, Servo-Controlled Resonant/ Torsional Column Test, Digital Control Stress- Path Test and Large Scale Servo Controlled loading Testing

F. Micro-Vibration & Earthquake Measurement

Perform a micro-vibration measurement and analysis for semi-conductor plant. Install and measure the earthquake activities via a real-time data acquisition and alarm system.